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Republicans, First Ladies Speak Out Against Child Separation: What Do You Have to Say?
by Causes
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  • Gail

    There is no law saying children must be separated from their parents at the border. The policy was set in May, 2018. Using such a policy to deter people coming to the border is a fear tactic. Our policies should be the result of thoughtful and mature analysis and guided by love, seeking the highest good for all concerned. Why? Because whether you want to embrace it or not, we are part of the brotherhood of man. The fate of our brothers and sister is our own. Your sense of separation is an Illusion. Treating others as you want to be treated is a high law. If you have defined reasons for deporting people, you can still do so in humane and compassionate ways. Fear based policies breed more fear and fear begets violence, depression and desperate acts, including suicide. If you do not care how others are treated by our government, why don’t you and when will you? Only when they come for you or your kin? In truth, fearful policies are set by those who do not want to deal with the problems of humanity. They want one size fits all rules to make it all go away. Mature leadership is needed. We need people who have the patience and the will to set policies that deal with complex issues in humane ways, even if that means implementing those policies over many years as we move toward change. Angry and impatient people make errors in judgment because they want results and do not care about the means. Traumatizing children so you can deter people from coming to the border is in humane and short-sighted. This country neglected to adopt meaningful immigration reform because so many people profited from immigrants coming here: businesses paying low wages, rich people hiring nannies, landscapers, construction companies looking for day laborers, the restaurants looking for dishwashers, the farms looking for produce pickers. The list could go on. So stop blaming the immigrants. Congress needs to work together and hammer out meaningful policies to provide a path to citizenship to some, deport others and penalize companies that hire illegal immigrants. If a company survives because it pays less than a living wage to its workers, then it does not deserve to be in business or it needs to radically change its business model. Americans do not take those jobs because the pay is unfairly low. If the companies are penalized, and the job opportunities dry up, some of the influx of people will stop. Americans will do those jobs if the pay is decent. Let’s change the system and stop wasting time blaming and demeaning the immigrants who are just trying to survive because they come from places where treatment of them was even worse. If you cannot feel for these people, it is because you do not want to as their plight is obvious. Instead of rushing to build a wall, work on taking down the wall you have already built around your own heart, my friend. That is the wall that kills your own spirit because love is what you are!

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