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Mueller Warns Foreign Election Meddling Still Occurring
by Causes
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  • Wayne

    Meddling takes on many forms, actually changing votes is more than meddling. Hiring people to hit the social media rounds making all kinds of outrageous claims is another. But don’t front Obama’s “Meddling “ with Israel’s election and that was wasn’t his 1st or last. Then there’s Hillary and DNC before, during and after the election to this very day blatant lies everyday. And who is Mueller to accuse anyone else of something that was done by the FBI higher ups, his friends partners in crime so to speak. Another card trick, look this way while we make evidence appear or disappear at their desecration. When is the AG going to put a stop to this ridicules waste of money and time. Running the clock out on Hillary and the FBI’s involvement in many unlawful acts. You might as well face it, the 2016 election opened millions upon millions of people’s eyes to Satan Worship, sacrifices, human trafficking,pedofiles in Office and the list goes on. We need to clean our own house before we start assigning blame to others. How can we have a Special Council that has many problems of their own to clear up but as long as he’s in this position I suppose he thinks he’s untouchable. This junk is World Wide problem. Like Anwan brothers working with Classified Documents, the missing computer equipment that ran into large sums of money. Backed by Debbie Wasserman Schultz giving out intel like it was candy, any arrests? Get off Trumps back, he’s a Saint compared to Leftist Progressives Socialist that want to rule the World!

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