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How Can We Combat the Spike in Suicides?
by Causes
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  • Rebecca

    I tried to kill myself in 2007. Vomiting saved my life. Due to my bad credit (despite having a good job), I was forced to live in a bad neighborhood. I was surrounded by people, but had no connections. When asked,”How are you?”, I’d lie and say,”fine.” I didn’t know my neighbors. Chicagoans aren’t the friendliest bunch. I took matters into my own hands and moved to Spain. Then I felt relief. My neighbors knocked on the door and introduced themselves. The healthcare was amazing and free! The healthy food was affordable. Now, I’m living in Vietnam where my father fought. I feel I can raise a family here without fear of violence. I can afford a lifestyle I only dreamed of for a small salary. I have friends who are genuine from all over the world. Suicide can be prevented, but as Americans we don’t care anymore. It is killing us to pretend to be happy when you’re broke, sick or lonely. Fix the economy. Fix your attitudes. Care for others.

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