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Should Parents Be Held Responsible for their Children’s Gun Violence?
by Causes
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  • Jason

    Kentucky does not currently impose criminal liability on parents or individuals who negligently store their firearms and permit another to gain access for criminal purposes. As a law-abiding gun owner, and member of law enforcement, I find it absurd that so many people frivolously store their weapons in places that are available for theft AND don’t make use of safes, trigger guards, retention holsters, or remove firing pins from their weapons. These school shootings will stop when responsible gun owners acknowledge that irresponsible gun owners should be punished for their inaction. Future generations will judge us for our lack of rationality. And anti-gun groups will seize upon this “do-nothingness” to address the problem. Surely we can all agree that common-sense gun measures aren’t the anathema that they are portrayed to be.


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