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UPDATE: “Public Relations Nightmare” as Dangerous Drinking Water Contamination Worse than Thought
by Causes
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  • Jason

    Where is the transparency and “drain the swamp” mentality that President Trump campaigned on? Withholding water quality reports for PR reasons is a joke. Things like this encourage the average American to switch political affiliations and promote greater distrust in government. As a local government, I abhor the secrecy that occurs and the disingenuous caring of the politicians I encounter. Clean drinking water is a right, not a privilege to be enjoyed by those wealthy enough to afford potable water. Scott Pruitt has turned out to be an absolute embarrassment to the EPA, Republican Party, and this administration. This merely another example of him acting in his own self-interest at the expense of the average American. After the episode in Flint, Michigan, I started filtering my own water. Why? Because, sadly, I lost faith in my elected leadership to keep us safe. I can’t compete with the influence with special interests and big business lobbyists, but I can cast my ballot for whichever politician will show actual transparency, morality, and genuine concern for the electorate.


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