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U.S. Slaps Metal Tariffs on Mexico, Canada, and E.U.
by Causes
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  • Jason

    The soon-to-be implemented tariffs proposed by the Trump Administration will undoubtedly cause financial hardship to the middle class, and Kentuckians especially. The Canadian tariff on whiskey will have adverse affects on all central KY distillers - at a time when the world has taken note of Kentucky’s rich bourbon traditions. Trade wars are not “fun...and easy to win” as the President has stated. They directly correlate with higher costs for goods and services, and threaten the upward trend of the stock market by promoting market volatility. I expect each of you to denounce the flagrant snubbing of our allies and world partners that is directly linked to these tariffs. This is not what is best for Americans. This is not what is best for Kentuckians. Please, call upon our president to restore a fair and balanced trading system that doesn’t encourage inflation and increased costs for average Americans. Nearly all economists agree this is a dangerous game, and undercuts America’s role as leader of the free world. We’re slowly losing our footing and respect in the world’s eyes from the erratic nature of these proposals. Soon, China or another party will be happy to step in and assume the role that we appear to be abdicating. If you’re a fan of the free-market, as you purport to be, end this policy and petition our grievances. Thank you for your consideration.


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