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Your Turn: Child Marriage Laws
by Causes
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  • Gail

    Florida just past a law raising the age of marriage to 17 after a woman who was forced to marry her rapist at the age of eleven campaigned to raise the age so that other children like her would not be forced into such an abhorrent situation. In many ways, judging by so many of these kinds of laws and the refusal of the government to pass reforms that show that every American is of equal value under the law, America has slipped behind many other countries in the status of their citizens, the state of their infrastructure and transportation, the quality of their food supply, and the investment in technologies that make life better for the masses. American government is showing itself to be unenlightened in the Age of Enlightenment. Unless Americans wake up to the global nature of the economy and the truly profound interdependence of all life on our planet, our country will continue its slide into obscurity and unfortunately, mediocrity. Wake up, America. Greatness lies within you, but unexpressed, is merely potential unrealized. What makes a country great is the depth of caring and passion that motivates people to rise above, do the hard thing, act on behalf of others not just oneself, speak up for everyone, persist in the face of suffering and uncertainty, compromise for the sake of the greater good of the many, and collaborate to innovate. Immigrants who face hardship and are strong enough to overcome them and come to this country embody the kind of persistence and conviction, strength and resiliency that has made America great for generations. That is why so many of them do jobs “soft”Americans will not do because they think it is beneath them. You want to be part of the solution? Get out there and demand changes that raise everyone’s boat and vote, not on one stinking issue, but for a whole slate of issues that matter, even if they do not affect your life personally. There is no such thing as an individual living independently from others. That is why we are born totally dependent on our parents to survive. It is meant to create bonds to the tribe. Ultimately the tribe is the human race. When are some of us going to stop denying this by keeping faith with the attitude that I have mine, now go get yours? A mindset of the truly mediocre.

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