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Trump Drops Call to Raise Guns Age Limit, Supports Arming Teachers
by Causes
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  • Fredrick

    There is already an extreme burden placed on our educational system, not to mention teachers, the stewards of that system. Am I to believe, we are to add to this burden by arming them? Am I to believe the justification for arming teachers is to deter school shooters? Am I to believe intersecting teacher duties with police is the viable solution to school shootings? It’s shameful. The NRA only cares about the business of guns. School shootings are only a threat to business if forceable litigation is use to counteract the powerful lobbyists and supporters of the NRA and it’s likes. With a businessman as President, he clearly has a blindspot for humanity versus business opportunities and potential profit. Also, let’s not be fooled by making this a 2nd Amendment issue. Frankly, assault weapons have no place in our society, neither for sport or personal use.


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