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Should Teachers be Allowed to Carry Guns in Schools?
by Causes
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  • Emily

    Asking anything more of our teachers would be insane. As proud teacher myself, I am asked to raise other people’s children. I am asked to be sure they are developing as a healthy human, a productive member of society. I am asked to provide quality information each day, changing up the ways in which I present that information as well as meeting all of the requirements of the state. I am asked to teach children how to think critically, but also conversely teach them how to standardize their thinking for testing. I am expected to spend my own money and time preparing supplies and creating curriculum because there isn’t enough money to pay me for all of those “extra” hours. I am asked to be trained in crisis intervention, first aid, and cpr — all extra time spent outside of school. I’m asked to reach out to all of the parents and give thorough information on each child, oftentimes giving advice about what is best for their student. I am expected to be a role model, a therapist, and a positive force in my students’ lives — all without ever showing how tired I am. I am expected to counsel students, break up fights, and watch my students when parents are hours late to pick them up. I am expected to give good grades to as many students as possible even though they sometimes don’t have help at home (and I end up being the one to help with their homework.) I am expected to continue my education and have the most up to date information in my field so that I am an expert at what I do. I am expected to do so MANY more things that I’m not even going to list them because I’m not even certain that anyone can hang in there long enough to read what I’m saying. Don’t get me wrong, I do all of this with immense pleasure because I love my students — a love similar to a parents’ love for them. But what I will NOT do is be expected to confidently carry a gun and/or be around my peers who have guns. My first priority is to keep my students safe and to be a good role model. What are we telling our children when we solve violence with more violence? Schools are where your children spend most of their lives, during very important developmental stages of their brains. They should not have to worry about an intruder shootout with their teacher. I already dedicate my life to children, don’t make me literally give my life as well.


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