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SOTU: Prescription Drug Prices & the 'Right To Try'
by Causes
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  • Nathan

    ..due to my profession of 21 years, I traveled and worked in perhaps 17 countries on every continent. With this I was afforded a glimpse into the truth, not what get fed to the public, as that information is only for public consumption. I most oft could walk into a pharmacy in these countries and get a bottle of penicillin or a 15 levofloxacin tablets for under 10$...yet in America, without insurance, the same antibiotic would cost a whopping $268.99 for 14 tablets...! So..connect some dots here..follow the money and it will lead to multiple Goverment agencies..folk our government is getting RICH off of people’s illnesses. When Mr Trump said that DC politicians and the environment is “a swamp”..I’m persuaded that is a to much of a charitable of description of the sewer system that our government is...folks need to wake up and get head of sand and quit sitting in front of the TV in some passive state, letting these politicians and there microphone, their media think for you.


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