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GOP Releases Memo Critical of FBI Surveillance
by Causes
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  • Gail

    To my Reps I say Thank you for your sanity in the face of all this immature, manipulative self serving showboating. The facts are that Carter Page was under investigation since 2013 for his fraternizing with Russian operatives among other things. This was not a new investigation and it certainly predated Trump running for office. This memo is a barely veiled attempt to discredit the FBI so that Trump and company can discredit the investigation by Mueller most likely because Trump has something to hide. Innocent people do not keep trying to obstruct justice, but rather, knowing they are innocent, let things take their course. This memo should never have been released as it weakens the credibility of the FBI with our allies, which is very serious business. But now that it is out there, the Democratic memo should be released showing that Republicans are not acting for their own political agenda, which they clearly are, which undermines the purpose of the intelligence committee’s mission as an impartial body. This is theater....bad theater at that. Unfortunately, it is undermining our government functioning effectively.

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