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Bipartisan House Group Releases New DACA Proposal
by Causes
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  • Carol

    Immigration is this countrys' foundation. I have 4 ancestors that arrived on the Mayflower, 2 that arrived via Ellis Island from the Azores. Still researching others. Trumps' aim is obvious, and is representative of our current conservative party...essentially out to eliminate people of color from being a factor in future elections. Just as gerrymandering and voter suppression has already done. They must think we are all fools unable to see and interpret their actions and ambitions. Ultimately, there is no such thing as 'race'. There is only different shades. And there is no mention in the constitution regarding faith. The rise of extremism isn't limited to groups like Hamas, Isis, the Taliban. We have one right here that has done more harm to the citizenry overall than any 'foreign' culture. Punishing innocents won't solved anything, but will only continue to alienate.

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