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Tell Your Senators How to Vote on the 20-Week Abortion Ban
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  • Nathan

    ..since when, or better asked, why, is “pain” in this conversation. So a baby is is teated like a dog? What a sick notion. That’s a human being, a life in the womb. They need to push will all their might to petition Supreme Court to overturn itself and call it for what it is..Murder. “Woman’s rights”..says a woman has “right”to choose to murder her baby. No she does not have a right to murder her baby. She had a “right” to choose to have sex and have consequences of choosing to be come pregnant. How is it that it’s legal to murder the child while in the womb, but once it’s born, it’s illegal to murder it..what’s the difference? How come “fathers rights” are not talked about...? Well, I know the answer, they don’t have any..the Father can’t stop the mother of his child from murdering it..yet once baby is born, now the father is responsible for it.? This countries laws are absolutely upside down..what’s evil is legal, what’s good is illegal..Folks WILL have to give account for all the blood of the millions of babies that are torn in pieces during murder process. The Judge is Christ and EVERY one of Mankind will stand before him, immediately after this life..if you support the murdering of lose any right, well, any credible right to comment on any loss of life..I hear the ones shouting the loudest in their hatred of the 2nd amendment, and they cite “lose or innocent lives”...yet support the the murdering of the most innocent...a child in the womb. Wake up folks..this is wicked hypocrisy to hilt..


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