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The Daily Countable: S***holes, Medicaid woes, iPhone slows
by Causes
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  • Mark

    “Shithole countries”?! Really?! We need your voices to resonate loudly and continuously condemning the president’s racist comments. We are losing our heart and self respect as a people. We are losing our international standing and competitive position as a result of Trump’s crass mouth, belligerence, and short-sighted strategy. We compete with China on the world stage. China builds infrastructure to build relationships in the MENA region and Latin America. We leverage our culture, democracy, and history to compete for the minds and hearts of the people in these countries. We stand for fairness and righteousness. That competitive approach and power is evaporating under this president, with every foul statement that he utters. I am disgusted! He is not a good person or a good American. He is almost single-handedly destroying our standing in this world. Please maintain a loud and strong voice condemning this behavior! The Republican Party cannot remains silent on this ongoing nightmare!

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