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Trump Signs Tax Reform Bill Into Law
by Causes
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  • Margaret

    Well, another Government deficit bailout for the next non-Republican President. This reform is going to put this country so deep into debt that our great-great grandchildren will be bailing this country out. And to think the Corporations are placating the American citizens with crumbs ($1,000 bonuses). Really!? Why doesn’t the government raise the minimum wage to $15/hr. in 2018, forcing companies to guarantee fair wages for their employees? This would help when 2018 healthcare premiums, utilities, State and Local taxes (due to federal cutbacks) go UP! It will not change the 1.7 trillion dollar deficit that’s coming, but it will help low income families from sinking into oblivion. Welcome to the ‘Banana Republic of America’. PLEASE, November, 2018 get here quick - we need common sense, compassion and WISDOM back in our leaders.

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