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Final Passage Coming Soon For the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
by Causes
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  • Jesse

    One day we’re going to look back at this bill and its effects and all will see it for the evil monstrosity most of us see it as now. Trickle-down doesn’t work because the people at the top aren’t into sharing, at all. Sure, they’ll make tax-deductible contributions to charities to create some semblance of ethics, but their money would do the most good being used by government to fund social programs. How anyone can see the people who wrote and backed this bill as anything other than fundamentally corrupt is incomprehensible to me. Our representatives are supposed to be standing up for the weakest among us, not tipping the scales further in favor of the richest and most powerful. It makes me sick that we aren’t protesting by the hundreds of thousands in front of Congress at this atrocity.


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