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Committee Watch: Week of December 18, 2017
0 actions taken this week
  • Pamela

    I have not recognized the GOP since George HW Bush. I am you constituent urging you to vote NO on HR1. My main issue; it raises the deficit while giving me & most the middle class a negligible tax cut. Have you even read the bill? A rush to judgement on a major tax overhaul is unconscionable. Trickle down economics has no basis in fact. The Reagan era tax cuts resulted in the most financially difficult years of our lives. It took us 27 years for us to pay off student loan debt w no tax deductions at all for them. The near elimination of the estate tax doesn’t sit well with me either. I was caretaker for my Mother her last eight years of life and watched her entire estate go largely to assisted living. Why should ultra wealthy pass on their estates while the rest of us spend all our money on health care!? Elimination of the health insurance mandate will also cost me and the rest of us 10% more in premiums. It also concerns me that 501C3 organizations will suffer when people stop giving because they can not deduct charitable donations on their taxes. What happened to the ‘1000 points of light’ & charitable giving instead of public assistance?

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