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FCC Votes to Repeal Net Neutrality
by Causes
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  • Leona

    They're going to take the slow-boil method with us. The video Pai is in clearly demonstrates that they believe we are all gullible morons. He thinks we're more concerned with posting food pics to Instagram than having the internet throttled by corporate censorship. But we won't see the impact of losing net neutrality over night, these slimy types know how to boil us alive slowly, take away as much as they can get away with, short of inciting a real riot. In the coming decades, it will only be when we look back over time that we will see how much freedom we actually lost. If anyone reads this, please, don't forget what they are willing to do in order to profit monetarily. Yes, contact your representatives, but we must also hold future leaders and representatives accountable for restoring net neutrality. Let's not make this the end of REAL internet freedom, let's make it the beginning.


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