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Kids Suing Trump Admin. Over Climate Change
by Causes
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  • Mark

    JOHN and JEFF - I first started studying climate change and it’s potential impacts in 1974, after the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo. I entered a freshman year program led by Bucky Fuller and his associates, where I first learned about the greenhouse effect and Charles David Keeling’s monthly trip up Mauna Loa, where, since 1958, he had been collecting air samples and tracking atmospheric CO2 concentrations. The last time that I had dinner with Bucky was in 1977, when there were only 3.4 billion people on the planet, and 334 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere. Today there are 3 billion more people on the planet and 73 ppm more CO2 in the atmosphere. Times change! JOHN - I remember back in 2008 when you were the lead author of a GOP plan to reduce US carbon emissions by 65% by 2050. Brilliant! Again, Times Change! But one thing that hasn’t changed is the threat from anthropogenic global warming and climate change. It is now much worse than when my friend Dr. James Hansen addressed Congress and warned about the life-threatening impacts of climate change back in 1988. His warnings were science-based, specific, and - as history has shown - prescient. Back then required solutions were limited to mitigation - to reduce fossil-fuel use dramatically - which we didn’t do. Decades later we now need to focus on adaptation, since rising seas, droughts, fires, floods, extreme weather, refugees, and global conflicts can now be linked to climate change. Further, we will most certainly reach 450 ppm in the next 20 years, which is 100 ppm over the level that climate scientists consider to be a “safe” level of atmospheric CO2. As a result we now must invent a new science - geoengineering - to strip CO2 from the atmosphere and the oceans. 100 ppm of CO2 is equal to 781 gigatonnes of CO2 - equivalent to the weight of 114 BILLION African elephants - and we currently have no clue how to do this. ENOUGH! I have spent over 30 years fighting climate change and I am tired! I am doing this for my 5 kids and 6 grandkids - and I will not stop. Our kids deserve to inherit a world that can support life - and the pending lawsuit from 21 young adults associated with Our Children’s Trust deserve a hearing. Their case is constitutionally sound. Please do what you can to let this play out without interference from the White House and the oil industry. And please give the Fee and Dividend carbon pricing scheme that is being put forth by James Baker et al a proper hearing: Carbon must have a price to even the playing field and spur proper action. Thanks.

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