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Top Feds Call For Delay of Net Neutrality Vote
by Causes
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  • Chase

    Net neutrality is a propaganda campaign by the Obama administration to gain regulatory control over the internet. There were never any sustainable issues (that the market couldn’t/didn’t resolve in short order) yet they had everyone scared of evil corporations doing things that they haven’t done and would be against their interest to do. The irony is that all the people clamoring for Net Neutrality are clamoring for Donald Trump to have direct control of the internet since NN is an FCC (executive agency) set of rules, not a legislative act done by congress. So cool, if you wanna give Trump control of the internet in a day and age where there are already dozens of countries using their control over the internet to censor content bc you’re afraid of decentralized control between competing “evil corporations,” you go for it. Remember how much better it was when Ma Bell was the only phone company? We definitely are way worse off with all those evil phone companies competing for our phone business. <sarcasm/>

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