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CBO: Senate Tax Plan Would Grow Debt, Benefit Wealthy More Than Poor
by Causes
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  • Ralph

    Ok boys and girls. By now we have all noticed the astronomical rise of the Dow Jones Index. Now what do you think might be responsible for this aberration? It doesn’t seem that the economy is much better. As a matter of fact, in my case, it’s definitely not. That being said; do you think it could possibly be the expectation that the red headed Santa and his store bought elves will deliver a gigantic gift (tax cut) to the corporations? Let me ask you this. How much of that Dow Jones increase has made it’s way into your pocket in the year (plus some) since the Dow started it’s climb? Not much I bet. Well that’s way more than we’ll get from this, so called, tax cut! So who is this tax cut for? Merry Christmas?

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