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The Daily Countable: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes — And Trump's Big Push
by Causes
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  • Ralph

    Call the GOP tax bill what it is: A CONTINUATION OF THE BIGGEST CORPORATE MONEY GRAB OF ALL TIME! Nothing in history begins to compare with this administration’s blatant attack’s on the workers of our nation. It should, by this time, be obvious to the most casual or reluctant observer that nothing will stop this assault until we “throw the bums out”. They claim that all they need is “one more chance” to prove that corporate America can save us all from ourselves, put money back in our pockets and Make America Great Again. In my recollection it’s the very same hypothesis that led us through three GOP administrations (Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2) and one corporatist democratic administration (Clinton) and to the very brink of economic disaster.

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