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GOP Tax Reform Passes Senate Committee
by Causes
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  • Pamela

    Senators Young & Donnelly. I am your constituent from Valparaiso. Trickle down economics never helped me & there’s no proof from economists that it will help the middle class by fueling the economy from huge corporate tax cuts. Vote No on “tax reform. It adds to the deficit. It’s not the right thing to do! 245,000 people in Indiana would lose health insurance coverage. 2017/11/16/442906/senate-tax-bill-threatens-access-health-care/ 256,000 Indiana families would see a tax increase. Education is also a "big loser" because the tax bill: 1) Kills tax break for student loans 2) Raises taxes on grad students 3) Taxes employer tuition assistance 4) Taxes college endowments 5) Kills deduction when teachers buy school supplies. Government analysis shows House tax bill would increase the cost of college by $71 billion over a decade.


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