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The Daily Countable: Net Neutrality, Self-Driving Cars and a Little Bit of Perspective
by Causes
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  • Dyanne

    Let’s be honest for a moment. Trickle down doesn’t work. If it were tied with increased minimum wages, and huge penalties for offshore investments maybe. But corporate America takes profit and either reinvests in Ponzi schemed type of paper investments or build plants and call centers in countries with cheaper labor. Small companies-absolutely let them keep more of their profits, they don’t usually have creative accountants who can bring their taxable profits down from billions to millions. Plus they are more likely to spend or reinvest in America. People at the bottom two thirds of taxable income spend extra money on cars, vacation, clothes, dining out, food, etc. things that, when spending goes up, can really stimulate the economy. Do you and feed water a tree at the top and hope the nutrients reach the roots? No. You feed the roots and the leaves flourish.


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