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FCC Unveils Its Plan to Rollback Net-Neutrality Rules
by Causes
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  • Hend

    it violates a principle that has been in place ever since the internet began: that no particular website or service can receive special treatment from the companies that power the web. Instead, service providers will be allowed to charge websites to load quicker, for instance, or force their users to pay extra if they want to access certain pages. Those sorts of restrictions are what led many of the world's biggest internet companies to back net neutrality in a series of protests. Most recently, a whole host of websites – including Google, Netflix, Facebook and Reddit – went dark in protest at what they believe will happen to them if the rules are repealed. Those actions were opposed by telecoms providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, all of whom supported the repeal of the law. The restrictions were hindering the development of a free market in internet connections and service, they claimed. The new order will reclassify internet providers as "information services" rather than a "telecommunication service," which means the FCC has significantly less authority to oversee the web.Vote NO


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