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A Unique Protest of President Trump's Border Wall Proposal
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  • Joyce

    Give them $15 and they'll send you a surprise. Are you kidding me and I can't believe the people on the sites that are going for it. Since you're so against the wall are you given them all $15 so they can come into this country for free. Get free medical, free housing,free food, free everything? And you know they're going to dump them all in California because we have that big heart, no money but send them here anyway. Governor Brown, Pelosi, Harris, and the rest of the liberals that run the state don't have a dime coming out of their pockets. I absolutely don't know how they sleep at night. But this group can I buy this land cracks me up go for it, you put up the money an eminent domain will come in and we'll see the wall go up from there.


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