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SCOTUS Considering Ohio Purges of 'Inactive' Voters
by Causes
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  • Samuel

    It seems, from others’ comments and for once the Countable news crew has let me down, that this is being made into a partisanship/voter-suppression issue. That’s malarkey. The fact that voter purges have affected primarily Democratic-party electorates doesn’t mean that this is the big-bad-conservative party committing voter-suppression fraud. Take a logic class people! Learn the difference between correlation and causation. Voter registration offices cannot reasonably be expected to track down every registered voter and track whether or not they have moved or died. If you don’t vote for several years, what is the voter registration office supposed to do? Keep you on the books indefinitely!? Purges are only permitted for names that have been on the record for 100 years or something insane like that!? Records and database purging is only logical and reasonable, and six years of inactivity is as good a place to draw the line as any other.

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