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5 Things You Need to Know About the Budget
by Causes
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  • Ralph

    If the latest reports are true and this budget proposal cuts more than a trillion dollars from Medicaid and half a trillion from Medicare and gives the oligarchs a huge tax break that only a fool would consider good for our country. Where are the those among us who will lead the opposition. What will it take to awaken the people of this nation to the danger facing us. The enemies,cloaked in the lies they feed us every day, are waiting behind their stacks of money to steal every last cent of those few safety nets that so many count on. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE the enemies are not some other ethnic, socioeconomic, age, geographic, political, religious, right handed or left handed group. The enemies are those who manipulate us all in the name greed and power and their puppets in government. THE WHOLE TAX OVERHAUL IS NOTHING BUT A GIANT ONGOING THEFT OF THE WEALTH OF THIS NATION LED BY THE MORON IN CHIEF.

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