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FBI Knew of Russian Bribery as Obama & Clinton Approved Uranium Deal
by Causes
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  • Raymond

    Investigate Trump. Investigate Hillary. Both parties have good governance as a core value. There are no smoke screens. I can keep up with much more than two stories at a time, So often we seem quite willing to sacrifice the truth for a short term appearance of victory for our "team." The fact is that good governance is close to the heart of both of the ideals of both parties, but they have lost site of that. So often, both parties are willing to overlook the shortcomings of their own party's members because it might make them look bad in the short term or make them look weak. But this betrays the very ideals of the parties for the mere appearance of infallibility. So when a person acts badly in your own party, if the facts agree, then the party itself should be the first to condemn the bad actor. The strong are not afraid to police themselves. That gives the party long term integrity and says that this is a party whose representatives can be trusted to uphold its ideals over the personal interests of its more powerful members. A blanket denial of the truth in the end looks like hypocrisy as the truth is revealed. If there is corruption and criminal activity, of course investigate it regardless of the politics. Saying, "Look at what so and so did, and how little attention it got," is a juvenile argument that has no impact on your own guilt. The mature person responds, "Well, lets fix that by pursuing it, and meanwhile, lets talk about your own punishment." Justice for all is a worthwhile goal, and we can easily pursue the criminal activity of both parties in support of good governance, a unifying ideal that has been forgotten by both parties as they try to hide their blemishes from the public rather than do eliminate them.

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