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5 Things You Need to Know About the Budget
by Causes
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  • Carol

    First, Judith is CORRECT in both her comments. It is democratic admins that REDUCE debt and deficit, and repubs who do NOT. And it is dem. admins that produce many times the jobs as repubs. Economic growth NEVER starts from the 'top' of the food chain, but from the bottom. Just like we must have plankton and Krill in the ocean in healthy amounts so that all other sea life thrives, including the great whales. Second, SOME debt is no problem so long as we HONOR the debt, which keeps our dollar as the worlds' monetary measure. Lastly, we must clear dark money, election fraud, gerrymandering and the electoral college from our system to restore voter confidence, and THEN we could actually be the ones MAKING THE CHOICE of who represent us. We shook the worlds' confidence with G.W. Bush, and now we have quite possibly DESTROYED it with the mentally deranged criminal and traitor now speaking, ranting, tweeting, in our names.

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