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Calls to Cut U.N. Funding Grow After U.S. Abstains on Israeli Settlement Vote
by Causes
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  • Bruce

    PLEASE defund the UN. They are a leach on us. They want to change our laws and by pass our Constitution. The UN is nothing more than a bunch of corrupt politicians who get to us our nation and our money to legally spy on us. Kick em all out! Some here want to defund Israel. They think Israel is inhumane to the "palestinians" whoever they are. No I'm not dense. I know about these "palestinians" but they have never been a country and most likely never will be. Why? because they don't want it. They were offered land and recognition in 1947 the same as Israel. These arabs rejected it, and Israel took it. Israel has GIVEN them the West Bank over and over and all that happens is the Arabs use it to launch more missiles into Israel. Then what do they want? They want to eradicate the Jews. They aren't even hiding it.


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