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VP Pence Walks Out Of Football Game In Protest
by Causes
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  • Raymond

    So Pence was so distracted by others that he could not stay through the anthem? That is about as respectful as catcalling and booing during the anthem. Heh, and I suppose that the people calling the players spoiled, too rich, etc, never considered that those very players may have been subjected to racial slurs, that they grew up poor, that their families still live in neighborhoods where they live in fear. No, sad to say, I feel like the outrage is that these people feel that even though we give them money, and treat them like sports heroes, we still expect them to know their place. They go to stadiums and our rich only because we pay them, and how dare they get uppity and kneel down (not stand up) for the rights of those in the neighborhoods they left behind. How dare they remember them and all the rich people buying tickets who are now screaming that this is not what they paid for. Meanwhile, they steadfastly refuse to listen to why they are kneeling, what their real story is and plaster it over with a false story of disrespect and hatred for the country.


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