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Your Turn: Has Entertainment Gotten Too Politicized?
by Causes
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  • Chase

    Claire (top comment) is right, we don't live in a vacuum, BUT that doesn't mean we can't and shouldn't compartmentalize. Politics is easily the most divisive topic and entertainers are neither all that informed, nor are they particularly concerned with articulating the nuance. Late night hosts do monologues which mean they can frame an issue, any way they want, completely devoid of fact or reason, and remain unchallenged. TV shows (see Will and Grace, Supergirl, etc.) are bringing political policies into their plot lines at the expense of those plot lines to advance, what they see, as some over arching social justice message. But again, since they are neither policy experts nor are they familiar with any views outside their bubble, they do no justice to political discourse. Entertainment is about making people laugh/cry and forgetting the troubles that plague us every other hour of the day. We neither need their opinions nor do we need the structure that they bring to political discourse. Both are only made worse, and thus the country further divided, by entertainers, in their capacity as entertainers, engaging in politics (this is of course separate from what they do in their own time like Clooney campaigning for Hillary or Drew Carey fundraising for Gary Johnson, etc.).

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