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What the 115th Congress Has Done So Far
by Causes
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  • Brandon

    This Congress has failed to take healthcare from millions, is trying to give tax cuts to the wealthy, are allowing the White House to discriminate against American citizens, are standing by while women’s rights are attacked, are allowing the government to say you have “religious freedom” as long you’re Christian or catholic. Have failed to coral a wild man who happens to be our president. Are allowing the EPA to roll back laws meant to protect the health of Americans. So when you say 115th congress all I see is a group of people who have gotten millions in tax payer dollars to do nothing for the tax payers. They allowed cabinet nominees through the process with unsatisfactory answers regarding the position they are about to take. They have sat back and allowed the education department to role back laws that protect sexual assault victims and hold colleges and universities accountable to properly investigate them. and they have failed to hold anybody including each other accountable for anything.I don’t care about your party affiliation your job is to take care of Americans not a political party.

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