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N.R.A.’s ‘Bump-Stock’ Restrictions: Significant Step Forward or Least They Can Do?
by Causes
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  • Adam

    As far as an endorsement? It is both a significant step forward and the absolute very very least they can do. Meanwhile the actual people who can make a difference... our elected officials... the republicans have been trying to reduce regulation on other dangerous gun accessories like silencers. There is no reason at all that we cannot regulate gun accessories like the bump stock and silencer. Accessories are certainly not protected by any constitutional amendment. The second amendment is suspect anyway since it has been interpreted by many as pertaining to arms for State malitia not individuals. I am not against owning fire arms. But I am against the blind idiocy and fear mongering required to pretend that gun regulation is a black and white, all or nothing issue. This has been the device by which the gun lobby has thrived. If automatic weapons existed during the making of the second amendment, you might have seen a much more precise guideline as law.

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