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BREAKING: Trump Ends DACA With 6-Month Delay
by Causes
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  • Jose

    After a 8 years of calling Obama a criminal, after thhe reactionary right has decried the whole Deep State as a criminal enterprise, after a year of "Lock her up!" chant, after story after story suggesting our current President is broke and is corruptly making deals with the Russian mob, after the U.N. has decried our unilateral regime changing wars that topple governments around the world to unforseeable and catastrophic consequences... where does the U.S. get off being sanctimonious about the rule of law? Criminalizing the existence of these human beings has always been a cruel endevore to subjugate a population to be cheap laborers. But to then have these kids jump through so many hoops, to weed them out as the "good" ones as they see their friends and family get deported for being the "bad ones" and have these kids get regular check ups, have college degrees, have to be employed, all while being reminded they are not citizens and not real Americans so shut up and be grateful, and force their future on whether or not a racist vanity project (The Wall) happens or not is beyond cruel. What the Freedom Caucus and their President are doing is beyond the laws, beyond morality, beyond capital or power. This is blatant malicious curelty to enforce a horrendous world view the U.S. has always veen guilty of but lately has been lying to themselves they are past it. The Feedom caucus and the Trump administration are loudly declaring around the world and at home it is here to stay.

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