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Tax Reform Questions: Your Answers!
by Causes
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  • Annie

    Not my words, but my sentiments: "We need a progressive tax system that taxes the rich more than the middle class and poor on a sliding scale. Our country already has problems paying for basic infrastructure like roads and schools. Cutting taxes even further, like with a flat tax, will make traveling between states on highways and paying public servants, like police, fire fighters, and teachers, even harder. 10% flat tax seems like a good idea in theory, but in reality that means $2000 in taxes from a $20k home and $1M from a 1B home. If you've ever been middle or lower class, you'll know that $2000 is way more valuable to that $20k home. If someone with a billion dollar income can't live well on $5M or 6M after taxes, how did they get so rich in the first place? A flat tax lets the rich off easy and bankrupts the government. Now, think about who wants to let the rich off easy and bankrupt our government"


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