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BREAKING NEWS: President Trump Pardons Convicted Sheriff Joe Arpaio
by Causes
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  • Jason

    As a 10+ year veteran of Law Enforcement, I was disgusted at President Trump's pardon of Joe Arpaio. This man was accused of violating the mandate of a sitting judge, who instructed him to curb behavior that selectively targeted members of his community on the basis of their appearance (Latino/Hispanic) or ethnic origin. Those who disregard the rule of law, should be subject to the penalties of law. President Trump's actions directly prevented Mr. Arpaio from being held accountable for his past actions. The "law and order" candidate showed himself to be wholly partisan, and shielded a man who was entrusted with protecting the civil liberties of everyone under his jurisdiction. This behavior sets a dangerous precedent, whereby the commander in chief can pardon any member of law enforcement for any illegal action. At a time when communities are often at odds with law enforcement, this only erodes the little trust that is left. I understand the President had the legal authority to exercise a pardon, but his lack of judgement in this case is reprehensible, a dangerous disregard for tradition and law. If you haven't already done so, condemn his actions and restore faith in our struggling institutions.


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