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Hurricane Harvey: Potentially America’s Biggest Storm in a Decade
by Causes
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  • Ann

    i adore the snarky comments left here by others, but in all seriousness, if we pay taxes for a federal government and it is not there to protect us from catastrophic natural events, what is it good for anyways? Yes, this is a federal job, until the nation votes collectively to shrink the federal government to zero, which they won't because everyone likes the goodies that other wealthier states' tax dollars provide them. Texas, as I recall, is one of the biggest contributors to our national tax base, along with New York and California, so if any state deserves to see some payback on their investment it is Texas. As a nation every state needs to be each other's collective insurance policy. These events happen, they're extremely expensive and they are going to be even worse because of this ignorance about climate change that goes on in this country. So: no we should not cut FEMA. We should increase it. Side note of bitterness: We should, however, fine those able-bodied who refuse to leave their homes when evacuation is requested. I am happy to have my tax dollars pay to rebuild your home, even those fools from Sandy who wanted to rebuild their beachfront properties. But please, don't make me also pay unnecessarily to rescue you from your roof and endanger the lives of first responders in the process. That's selfish.

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