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Trump Admin. & Local Police Clash Over Immigration Detention Policy
by Causes
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  • Elizabeth

    I am reading quite a few comments about we need to uphold the law and if a person is here illegally then the local law enforcement needs to follow the law. Only problem with that logic is if ICE is asking or telling them to break this law until they can get there with the paper work then they themselves are breaking the law. Why doesn't ICE have a system set in place to tell them a week ahead of time that someone's visa is about to expire. Then keep on eye on them until departure date and if they don't depart then they go in and deport them if paperwork hasn't been filed for a longer stay. I would think it would be easy to do this if all have to file in the form giving an address of where we will be staying while in the USA. I who is a citizen traveling with my husband who is not must do this. They could find him pretty quick I'm sure.


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