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Trump Defends Early Statement; Says "Many Sides" Were Violent in Charlottesville
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  • Jason

    Today, our commander in chief made one of the most unfathomable statements I have ever observed. I sat transfixed watching my television, considering how egregiously stupid it was for a man who is attempting to lead this country retract his previous statements about the discord and anti-American acts that were displayed in Charlottesville, VA. His administration is, I feel, a lost cause and irredeemable at this point. If the Republican Party (and you as my elected leadership) fails to disown President Trump, his outbursts and misguided-ness will cripple the party. Salvage what you can, discard this president, and allow Mike Pence to restore some semblance of respectability to our highest office. It may soon be the only option left.


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