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Trump Defends Early Statement; Says "Many Sides" Were Violent in Charlottesville
by Causes
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  • Mark

    JOHN, JEFF, and TRENT - I am truly frightened for the future of this country, in a way that I have never been frightened in my sixty years. I am concerned for the future well-being of my five children, my six grandchildren, and for Americans everywhere. Why? Because we now have a president who shows NO moral leadership. By his actions and statements he is proving to be an apologist and defender of white supremacists. neo-Nazis, and the KKK. He is giving public power to HATE groups. I am horrified! We fought Nazis in WW2. We fight terrorism everywhere - but not white supremacist domestic terrorists? Hate groups are dangerous / and now our president is dangerous if we are to believe the support that he received today from David Duke. The president is not now a positive, uniting influence. Heck, he ceded moral authority to Chancellor Merkel whose remarks regarding Charlottesville showed far more conviction, leadership, and moral authority. PLEASE speak out! PLEASE take action! PLEASE show leadership!

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