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Talking Taxes: What Do You Think About America's Tax Code?
by Causes
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  • Carol

    Income Taxes have never been so low in the last 100 years! Sales tax, which is at a fixed percentage punishes the poor unfairly. We need to lower middle class taxes until wages catch up with inflation, and raise taxes on the wealthy who have access to tax relief the middle class cannot access. We need to cut spending, but in ways that the right wing won't removing fossil fuel subsidies, which are no longer needed to develop infrastructure, or subsidies to BIG AG. corporations, or BIG Pharma, who have consistently taken advantage of the research PUBLIC FUNDS pay for. It wasn't Big Pharma who found the polio vaccine, or penicillin, or AIDS drugs, they were discovered by individuals, and the first two refused to PATENT them making them available to any company to produce. We just saw that Skherelli (sp) crook raise a drug price by 5000%! He didn't create it! Universities, independent scientists who are often publicly funded create these advances. NASA creates advances in products as well, which WE ALL SUPPORT. Meanwhile, Monsanto makes claims that they are 'feeding the world'. Mostly, they don't produce FOOD...they produce FEED which has been proven toxic, along with the chemicals they use to fertilize and kill weeds with which destroys topsoil acreage in HUGE amounts, killing all the creatures that live in healthy topsoils, including the creatures that MAKE topsoil (worms). The runoff alone is killing waterlife in our rivers, streams, and coastal runoffs. Yet most of these big companies not only pay NO taxes, we give them big money BACK. When they pollute, WE PAY for the cleanup because when THEY pay for it, they get to DEDUCT that expense off their tax bills, and not just in ONE year, but over many years! GE hasn't paid taxes in a decade or more, meanwhile declaring billions in profit every year. Some of our taxes are to protect the environment, endangered species, and our mustangs, burros, groundhogs, beavers, and all creatures that help keep lands HEALTHY, waters CLEAN, etc. It can be MEASURED the improvements the introduction of wolves have done to help the Yellowstone! From waterfront erosions, etc. (overgrazing erodes, and trees are eaten before they can mature). Raise the top 1% personal tax to 40%. The top ,01% to 50%. People in those brackets don't WORK EVERY DAY. Most don't work much AT ALL! Invest some in environmental restoration! STOP LOGGING OLD GROWTH FORESTS, and let forests BURN! It makes them HEALTHIER. That means cleaner water for everyone, less expensive water treatment, and return to NATURAL FERTILIZERS! These companies would rather KILL us with their toxins than pay people to PULL WEEDS! EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, and MAYBE pass out free BIRTH CONTROL AROUND THE WORLD!


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