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  • Jesse

    The most important issue facing the nation today is education. Financing public schools by property taxes means that children begin their lives learning their place in an unequal system. Poorer areas have fewer schools with larger classrooms. The use of standardized testing has created a system in which only the appearance of an education is required. Teachers are underpaid, and the schools are underfunded. College costs have skyrocketed and financiers have been allowed to take advantage of people who are often too young and inexperienced to understand the stakes of taking out tremendous loans (one of the few kinds of debts which aren't absolved by bankruptcy, on the same list with child support and fines for criminal offenses). At every stage the poor and uneducated are taken advantage of, ensuring that they themselves will have a hard time given their children the best chance of a good life. Everyone would benefit if everyone were better educated. It's the only way to move out of the dark ages and into a worthy future.

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