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Trump, GOP Senators Unveil Plan to Reduce Legal Immigration
by Causes
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  • Kristi

    The ACTUAL motive here should be obvious. College educated Americans now carry staggering amounts of student loan debt. They expect decent paying jobs upon graduation, in order to pay back those loans. Employers need skilled workers, but don't want to pay salaries commensurate with the cost of receiving a college education in the US. So corporations want to IMPORT skilled workers from countries that offer FREE college tuition. These workers will accept much lower wages because they aren't making payments on hundreds of thousands of $ in student loans. This is why tech jobs are being filled by immigrants from Eastern Europe while Americans with computer engineering degrees are working at Starbucks. Corporations don't have to pay taxes to subsidize the cost of college education in the US. It's a win/win for corporations....and devastating for the American people. When Trump said "America First," he actually meant "Corporations and billionaires First."

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