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Bipartisan Lawmakers Propose Obamacare Stabilization Plan
by Causes
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  • Corey

    This is a good step in the right direction. Encouraging to see that both sides are starting to work together. The only problem I see at face value is the clause changing the definition of full time work from 30 hours to 40 hours. In many fields, working 40 hours isn't an option (I work in education. Many of us work 6 or 7 hour days, not 8. Making 40 hours not even an option). The nature of the work place has changed and full time work doesn't necessarily mean 40 hours or more per week anymore, and I fear many people will be exploited, by employers bumping them down to 39 hours a week to save costs on healthcare expenses. Otherwise, while I may not agree with everything in this bill, compromise is not a dirty word, and it's encouraging to at least see some conversations across the aisle once again.

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