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Medicare and Medicaid Were Created 53 Years Ago On This Date
by Causes
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  • Mark

    JOHN, JEFF, and TRENT - Medicare and Medicaid were signed into law by President Johnson on this date 52 years ago. Like all great government programs, these programs - and the ACA - are neither perfect from the start nor successful without effort over time. To hear a president say that he hopes a large social program like the ACA fails - resulting in economic hardship, sickness, and death for many Americans - instead of showing leadership and working with the legislature to FIX the problems...well that is just disgusting and un-American. Hard-working Americans - police, firemen, teachers, engineers, architects, military personnel, construction workers, government workers, shop owners, scientists, accountants, etc. - aren't out to be rich. Instead, they have chosen to make our society greater today than it was in the past. They have committed their lives in an unspoken pact to make our world a better place in return for a reasonable safety net. They deserve access to quality, reasonable healthcare. They should not have to fear financial ruin or bankruptcy when they get sick. They should not have to fear paying 5 times the cost for healthcare when they become senior citizens. They should be able to live and retire with dignity and not fear. Empirical evidence from just about every other OECD country shows that smart governments can provide universal coverage at lower costs with better outcomes! Why can't we do that? Are they so much smarter than us? Do we really need the extra layer of private insurance companies to pancake additional costs and profits on top of real healthcare costs? Please work to help the American people. Fix the ACA. Shore up Medicare and Medicaid. Move to universal coverage. Help your voting constituents first - not the healthcare industrial complex.

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