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The Latest: Senate Republicans Fail to Advance Healthcare Bill
by Causes
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  • Mark

    JOHN, JEFF, and TRENT - I applaud the leadership and courage shown by Senators Murkowski, Collins, and MCCAIN in voting down the horrible Senate healthcare bills. JEFF and TRENT - I wish that you both had risen above partisan idiocy that would strip healthcare from millions of Americans and raise healthcare costs for seniors and others. A healthcare bill should be created with a bipartisan process that taps the knowledge of subject matter experts and strives toward universal coverage at lower costs with better outcomes - let's learn from OECD countries that have done just that! And please, do what you can to rescue our country from the insane and reckless policies of our unprepared, self-centered, and vindictive POTUS. Reince is out? "The Mooch" is in? Sessions is being openly humiliated? Mueller is in the crosshairs? Thousands of Boy Scouts are subjected to a self-serving political speech? Transgender soldiers are the most critically important issue of the day, while climate change science is systematically being suppressed and ignored? There are too many serious issues in the wings to have a Keystone Cops cabinet in charge of the most powerful economy and military in the world. Please stop this insanity and protect our republic and the American people BEFORE the next major crisis!

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