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Democrats Unveil 'Better Deal' Agenda to Counter Trump, GOP
by Causes
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  • Jesse

    There isn't much detail yet on how exactly these goals will be accomplished, but I'm completely behind these goals. In particular getting high-speed internet access and incentives for vocational education can make a huge difference. Personally I have my doubts about the feasibility of raising wages and creating millions of good-paying jobs, and of course I want to know more about what our elected reps consider "good-paying"; I support those goals but wonder if our government will be willing and able to do what is required to make that happen. The special interests exerting a powerful influence on the government and the economy are deeply entrenched, they have many "friends" in both parties, and they have all the money to support their agendas. What we don't need is more Band-Aids masquerading as real solutions. Also I don't see much about education reform here, which is deeply, deeply needed.

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