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As It Happened: Senate Votes to Debate Healthcare Bill
by Causes
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  • Mark

    JOHN and JEFF - shame on you both for voting to proceed to debate the three ridiculous proposals for healthcare. With this vote you have put partisan politics and the toxic Trump agenda above the well-being of tens of millions of the American people. This will not result in the extensive debate that an important healthcare system requires and you know it! JOHN - it was terrible news to hear that you now have glioblastoma - I am sorry. My sister died from that cancer years ago. Luckily she had Medicaid which allowed her to have treatment and dignity. I wish that she had had better healthcare so that her cancer would have been caught in a regular check up but that wasn't covered back then - and it seems by your vote that we are moving toward a healthcare system that condemns future cancer patients to death. Don't vote for the ridiculously poor senate healthcare options that have been proposed! Fix the ACA and transition to single payer like all other OECD countries have done for loess cost and better outcomes! DO THE RIGHT THING FOE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!


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